Intelligent Batteries


Intellicell Technology

The batteries that think for themselves

Intellicell technology uniquely manages its own power to deliver optimum performance and runtime for any ONE+ tool and application

The ONE+ batteries are made with intelligent battery technology, what we like to call IntelliCell. The batteries are capable of uniquely managing their own power to deliver optimum performance and runtime for any ONE+ tool and application.

This means that the battery will recognise when it is in a drill or a lawnmower and it will optimise itself to deliver the best performance to that tool. Pretty neat right?

The Lithium+ Battery Architecture


The Lithium+ batteries are a step ahead of competition when it comes to technology and innovation. Our IntelliCell technology is carefully encased within the battery pack design which makes for a more durable, more efficient battery.

Fuel Gauge

The simplest way to monitor your battery life and manage your workload.

Protection Electronics

The electronics shut down the tool if there is too much strain on the battery or if its gets too hot, protecting both tool and battery from damage.

High Power Cells

Energy flows easily through the cells when required in high bursts for increased perfomance.

Heat Resistant Battery Casing

Protective compound to protect the tool and the user.

Choosing the right one for you

Different Pack Sizes & Capabilities

The ONE+ System is powered  by a Lithium+ battery pack which come in different sizes and capacities. Choose between eight different Lithium+ battery packs to power your ONE+ tool. All are interchangle between any ONE+ tool as they all share they same connector. However, the Amp-hour (Ah) is different between them which determines the size and output of your battery. 

Batteries Included:

The Slim Packs

The smaller battery packs that power that ONE+ System are designed with comfort in mind. They have a smaller and more lightweight architecture making it more comfortable to use with a ONE+ tool. They are great for any projects that require you working overhead with your arms.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact for more comfort.
  • Ideal for use in ONE+ drills or grass trimmers which might tire your arms.
  • Compatible in 100+ tools in the ONE+ System
Batteries Included:

For Maximum Runtime

The 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 9.0Ah Lithium+ battery packs are designed for maximum runtime. These batteries are ideal for applications that require higher energy output or simply for extended runtime in your ONE+ tools. Slightly heavier but packed with so much more energy! Ideal for use in lawnmowers, angle grinders or for powering your radio, fan, bowers for maximum runtime.  

Key Features

  • For maximum and extended runtime.
  • Ideal for higher output applications: lawn mowing, angle grinding, blowing up leaves and debris, vacuuming.
  • Ideal for long hours of operation like radios, fans, inflators, loppers and so on.
Intelligent Batteries